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April, 2008:

K2 Insert jack connections

Recently we carried out a major service on a Soundcraft K2 mixer. The mixer required some general repair , cleaning and some limited fader and pot replacement.

The mixer has three jack connections on the rear of each channel seen below:

Two of these are good quality metal fronted jack connectors while the central insert connection (which gets the most abuse) is an all plastic type which is commonly found on budget devices.

The plastic connector takes much less mechanical abuse than the metal equivalent and hence the board connections to the insert are liable to dry joints and will require attention.

This dry joint causes a very weak signal to reach the main or group mix although the input signal on the PFL is still a strong level.

Pioneer Error codes!

When an error occures with any Pioneer CDJ series of cd players the player sometimes displays an error message in the main display. Here are some of the most common errors aswell as the description of the problem and a possible fix. These codes can be really useful or really useless. There are also a number of codes that are not published and are saved for the enlightened ones!

This list should cover all Pioneer CDJ & CMX models : CDJ-100s, CDj-200, CDJ-400,CDJ 800 CDJ-800MK2, CDJ 1000, CDJ-1000mk2, CDJ-1000mk3,MEP7000, CMX-3000 and CMX-5000.

Errorcode Description Possible cause
E-7201 TOC Read Error
unable to read TOC
Disc is cracked > replace disc
PLAYER Error (returning)
PLAYER Error (playback)
PLAYER Error (buffer writing)
Disc rotates but no playback
Disc is dirty > clean disc
E-8304 MP3 decode Error
Disc cannot be played
Disc is not in supported format > replace disc
E-8305 Disc Format Error
Disc cannot be played
Disc is not in supported format > replace disc
E-8306 No File
File cannot be played
Disc is not in supported format > replace disc
E-8307 USB Write Failed
Writing to USB cannot be completed
Media is write protected > Remove write protection
E-9101 Mechanical Error
Mechanics didn’t complete fast enough
Dust or foreign particles might be inserted > remove this