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May, 2009:

Mono and Mix – Aberdeen

Mono's back bar in Blue!

Mono's back bar in Blue!

Mono has been supplied with a variety of entertainment systems by Edinburgh based SI Sound and Light Ltd. SI carried out design, specification and bespoke construction work in creating the unique new clubbing venue.

The works completed for opening night included electrical design and contracting, Sound system design and supply, Digital lighting system, fibre optic and LED colour change thoughout the venue and a building management system to ensure the complete effect of the venue is maintainedthoughout it’s operational lifetime.

Fibre optic pillar with over 1000 tails!

Fibre optic pillar with over 1000 tails!

The Architecual effect lighting is an integral part of the feel of Club Mono. Every surface and structure is creativley lit using full colour mixing Fibre optics and LED’s to enable an ever changing feel from the subtle to the dramatic. S I have developed a relationship with Advanced Fibre Optics in Barcelona who supplied the full CMY colour mixing sources and all fittings and fibre optic looms. All led colour change for fitted features was designed and constructed by SI’s Dan Aberdeen.

The architectural lighting is overlaid by more conventional disco effects lighting. In order to maintain the unobstrusive feel the lighting is fully recessed into the ceiling. Abstract AVR 8 units were used to cover the dance floor together with two Clay Paky miniscan HP3 effects and a centrally recessed Dataflsh in a custom reccess housing. The Sound system based on Nexo tops and Adlib Audio Sub units leaves no one searching for more.

S I Sound and Light supplied a sound system to an unbeatable specification using products from Nexo, JBL, Dbx, Crown and continuing their long standing relationship with Liverpool based Adlib Audio. The tops specified by SI Sound and Lights MD Neil SIlver were the stalwart Nexo PS15 boxes with analogue controller all Crown powered. For crucial bass end of the system Neil colaborated with dave fletcher at Adlib audio to specify two twin 15” and one 18” all hornloaded AA installation series boxes from Adlib audio. With JBL fills making up the bar and side of dance floor areas.

In the same unit SI Sound and Light provided a re-installation of a Bose® system for the exclusive Cocktail bar. The unit features custom DJ booth by SI Sound and Light along with single colour LED products including feature lighting from SI Sound and Light and Gwyn Carleaa Designs.

“Aberdeen’s premier cocktail lounge serving up an
outstanding array of cocktails on a fluid blend of
global house and r’n’b flavaz.”