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June, 2009:

Mediatheme installation

Marmion Pub

Entrepreneur Ellis Johnson has made a recent return to the pub business after a three year break, and brings 17 years of pub management experience to his Edinburgh venues. The Marmion on Captains Road, and The Rainbow in Drumbrae, are large scale, full facility community pubs in the heart of the city.

The Marmion is a vibrant superpub, with an extensive offering of high quality food. With its impressive scale, famous entertainment schedule, and welcoming atmosphere, The Marmion is right at the hub of its local community.

Both pubs have gathered a large local football following, and maintain a massive Sunday scene. Ellis shows Scottish League matches on the many plasmas in his venues, and once the match is over, he is able to offer his customers something extra, and keep them in for longer, with a bit of karaoke, some celebrity bingo, or a live action horse race!

It is crucial to respond to the particular requirements of the local community, and to look for unique business opportunities. Ellis has formed the Monday Club at The Marmion, when all the local taxi drivers pitch up for their days off. Ellis is able to offer them any entertainment they want, be it karaoke, Roulette, or Hi/Lo Cards, and says “it’s like a fairground in here, with so much going on!” It is also important to keep refreshing your entertainment schedule, and The Entertainer™ has allowed Ellis to develop some exciting new offerings, such as the already popular “Quiz and Bingo” nights.

Marmion Staff using Entertainer™

Staff become entertainers!

Friday is signature night at both venues, with a tremendous cabaret, live acts and a whole cacophony of fun and thrills. The Entertainer™ is used instead of a DJ at the beginning and end of the night, cutting the need for any secondary events.
Like many other Mediatheme™ customers, Ellis has found that the Entertainer™ can save huge amounts on entertainment costs, and give a great deal of flexibility to the landlord. He says, “having bought the system, we don’t have to buy much else.” He added, “We use it every day as it’s so convenient – we no longer have to pre-plan our quizzes, karaoke, or race nights, we can be spontaneous, depending on the mood of our customers.”

Ellis is proud of the true community feel he has developed in each of his pubs. They provide a warm atmosphere for visiters, while maintaining a true community feel for the regulars. The staff and local customers know each other well, and they have great interaction. Ellis tells us that “different pockets of people will come in, and the staff know exactly what they want to do – they might put on a horse race or rude bingo, and they spur each other on.”

The Entertainer Pro™ has also helped Ellis overcome one of the main problems faced by landlords of multiple businesses, the issue of control. He says, “I have three pubs, and I can’t be in three places at once. The Entertainer Pro™ is really an extension strategy as it allows me to maintain key control of the atmosphere in two of them, as I know exactly what music is being played”. He added, “It allows me to manage more, with less input. We have an ongoing efficiency drive, and we are able to compete with Manchester United, with the budget of Watford. The Entertainer™ allows us to apply city standards to community based businesses.”

SI Sound and Light carries out installation and servicing work for Entertainer systems across Scotland and the North of England.