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Entertainment Venues

As Super clubs and Bar/Club crossovers continue to redefine the British night out, so the roles of contractors and installers have evolved. Ever-higher expectations of conceptual creativity and technical solutions have accompanied the expanding ambitions of the leisure industry.

Just as owners, designers and architects have had to meet the new challenges, so S I Sound and Light’s lighting and sound designers have proved able to embrace the new era in entertainment design.

S I Sound and Light is a dynamic company with experts drawn from many backgrounds in the sound and lighting industry. Long established connections with a network of partners in other installation trades allow us to plan projects with realistic and achievable targets. An experienced project manager manages our technical experts for the duration of the project. This ensures that our work will run smoothly within your project plan and always be completed to the set time-scale.

Every installation we undertake is completely unique in some way and requires a totally bespoke design. The wide product range available to us though our extensive manufacturer network means that you’ll get the very best equipment and most importantly the solution that you asked for.

Hard Disc Music Systems

The equivalent of the Ipod revolution is now legal for bars and pubs, however the complicated legalities of the music licensing can be baffling.  Hard disk based systems also need to be managed in terms of style and music scheduling to ensure the venue has the right feel and doesn’t change the minute you turn your back.

S I Sound and light has formed a partnership with C-burn systems to enable us to provide all the answers in this area.

C-burn’s staff will walk you through the licensing and royalty ins and outs and talk you through the music scheduling. Their in depth knowledge of music will ensure the perfect mix for your venue.

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