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Video design and Installation

Video design and Installation

Sporting events are huge revenue earners for licensed venues in the UK. The national and international sporting Calendar plays a huge part in the planning of a weekend out or an evenings entertainment.

Also with a hugely diverse client base in the UK it is now no longer sufficient to just show the local derby and not consider the English and Spanish not to mention the golf, Motor-sport and much much more.


The added complexity of distributing multiple signals to different shapes and sizes of screens around the venue is often beyond the scope of DIY installers or the local electrician who has been called in to help out.

RF distribution has been the main technology of the last 20 years using standard functionality to distribute many channels throughout an installation. With the advent of HD and digital television the technical challenges involved in these types of systems are a new skill in which not all installers have the knowledge and experience.

Live Sporting Events, Race Nights, Karaoke competition and even bespoke advertising can be broadcast through your screens so that the return on your investment is maximised.

On-screen advertising can be used to promote internal events and promotions and can also be used to generate revenue by selling the space to other local businesses to advertise their products and services.

Multi Content Systems

In addition to advertising a host of other content can be served to your screens allowing you to offer quizzes and games without the overhead of hiring in a presenter.

SI Sound and Light work together with Mediatheme the market leader in this field.


Mediatheme™ provides a flexible product portfolio. Each Entertainer™ solution is based on the individual needs of the customer and their venue.

There are two central Entertainer™ products. First, the Entertainer Pro™, which is crammed with a massive variety of music and games functions, to cover every possible entertainment activity within your venue. The Pro™ also comes complete with Games Starter Pack.

You’ll find it all on an Entertainer™ system – from 70s Theme Nights to Friday Night Karaoke; Sunday Quiz to Wednesday Bingo, or a monthly Race Night followed by Charity Games Night.

Secondly, the Entertainer Pulz™, works by creating an atmosphere, setting the perfect mood with superb quality sound and vision.

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